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How To Choose Your Point Of View

Have you ever read a story that made you feel like you were experiencing it right alongside the characters? Or maybe you’ve noticed that some authors show you the thoughts of multiple characters, while others don’t let you into any of their thoughts. And some books purposefully leave you knowing less than the main characters, […]

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How to Write Good Dialogue

You crack up at the dialogue on the page, and your siblings stare at you like you’re crazy. You can’t even stop to blink because you need to read what the protagonist says to the villain. You gasp. You shake your head. You miss the call to set the table. I wish I could write […]


Help, I Have Writing Anxiety

Writing is amazing. You love it. You’re forming a concept for a new story concept, and it’s coming along great.  Until you read another writer’s concept. And then you realize that yours isn’t as good, and there’s a lot of work to be done until it’s perfect.  You want to write, you love writing, but […]


Why Motivation Is A Myth

You can’t seem to finish any of your writing projects. No matter how amazing an idea sounds, it soon joins the pile of forgotten stories. Are you doing something wrong? Why can other writers finish their stories, but not you? Many people try to write a book. From preschoolers to teenagers to adults to grandparents, […]