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The Secret To Crafting Intriguing Characters

You have a brilliant novel idea. You have an epic plot and a compelling cast of characters. But everyone who reads your writing says the same thing…  “Your characters are boring.” “I just can’t relate to them.” “They don’t really interest me.” Don’t worry. This is a common problem for beginning writers and it comes […]

Writing realistic horses in fiction (1)

How to Write Realistic Horses in Fiction

Horses are legends of fiction. Novels such as Black Beauty and movies such as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron have graced the storytelling market for years. And horses are almost always the preferred mode of transportation when it comes to fantasy novels (except, of course, when there are dragons). But over the years, something began […]


3 Tips For Writing Strong Family Relationships

Family.  The mere word has the power to create a multitude of feelings—hope, excitement, frustration, love, anger, and a whole barrage of memories and mixed emotions.  And this is exactly the power that writing strong family relationships can have. The characters that you weave together and craft are influential, sparking emotion in your readers and […]