Feeling Overwhelmed?

Take It One Step At a Time

Every writer goes on their own journey at their own pace. We’ve put together a “quick-start guide” to help give you clarity and a clear path to get started.

  1. Take the WriterScore Assessment

Writing isn’t only about putting words down on the page.  We’ve identified ten different domains that will help you become a well-balanced writer, and this self-assessment will help you identify what areas to improve in and what steps to take next.

2. Get Ready For Our Next Live Event

Our annual “Crazy Writing Week” is coming up on January 8th. This is designed to help writers see just how much they can write in a week when they’re a part of a friendly competition with trainings & prizes designed to help them grow.

Next Live Event Starts In:


3. Follow the Blog

Love learning about writing? We’re continuously growing our content to help you succeed in each of the ten WriterScore domains.  From consistency to building an author platform, we’ve got you covered.

4. Download Your Free Resources

We’ve prepared some amazing downloadable guides to help you grow, as well as to help your parents support your writing dreams. 

Ready for the Next Step?

The Young Writer is more than tips and tricks. We believe having a supportive community, regular feedback and practice is crucial to your writing journey. That’s why we’ve developed several paid programs so we can give you more of our time and attention to help you grow as a writer.

5. The Young Writer’s Workshop

The Young Writers Workshop (YWW) is our primary supportive Christian community of young writers where you can learn from our vast content library, participate in monthly themes and events, support and get feedback from your peers, ask our instructors questions and more.  We have our Standard program which is self-paced, and our Academic program which counts for a creative writing homeschool credit and is more structured with a teacher’s assistant and assignments.

“I joined YWW and everything changed. I learned so much about every aspect of the writing world in just three months.”

Emma LaGrange

Workshop Student

“YWW gave me the tools to write novels, start an email list, communicate my dreams to my parents, and build lasting relationships with other writers.”

Juliet Artman

Workshop Student

“YWW changed my life. I had been trying to understand how to become an author and I was just lost before I joined YWW; now I have a plan on where I’m going with my writing.”

Rebecca Washburn

Workshop Student

6. The Author Conservatory

The Author Conservatory is our highest level program for writers who are serious about pursuing authorship as a career. This is a college-level program that teaches advanced writing skills and entrepreneurship.

“I cannot stress enough how much stronger of a storyteller I am after just one year in The Author Conservatory than after four years of attending college for writing.”

Bailey Gaines

Conservatory Student

“I can say without reservation that this is one of the best things that ever happened to my writing and to me as a person.”

Sarah Pagel

Conservatory Student

“My stories are starting to take shape, in all the complexity and depth that I always wanted but could never find.”

James Noller

Conservatory Student