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We believe your words matter.

Writing is one of the purest forms of self-expression — it can take you to other worlds, help you discover new truths and give you a voice to express the things you could never say out loud.  

But sometimes it tends to get brushed aside as a waste of time, a means to an end, or our creativity gets stifled amongst a mountain of assignments.  

Writing is an art that deserves to be nurtured and pursued just like any other hobby, sport or skill.  

And what better time to practice your passion than now?  

The key is to start young, and stick with it.  

Just like any other skill, writing requires dedication and consistency to master — Rome wasn't built in a day!  

However, most school curriculums aren't designed to help you nurture your creativity, become a published author or follow your writing dreams.  

And it can feel like you're struggling alone.  

Because let's face it, writing isn't easy.  

There are times when you can't seem to keep going, when motivation is fleeting, and when you just want to plain quit. 

You have no idea if what you're writing is any good, if it's worth publishing or even pursuing.  

You don't know what steps to take to improve.  

And worst of all, no one else seems to understand because they don't share your passion. 

That's why we created The Young Writer's Workshop — a safe, encouraging community for young writers in their teens and early twenties.

Here's a sample of what our students have accomplished:

Meet Your New Writing Instructors

Brett Harris

Bestselling author of Do Hard Things

Kara Swanson

Award-winning author of Dust and Shadow

Jaquelle Ferris

Bestselling author of This Changes Everything

Anna Rose Johnson

Author of The Star That Always Stays (an NPR Best Book of 2022)

Josiah DeGraaf
Program Director of the Young Writer's Workshop

Lauren Hildebrand

Associate editor for Havok Publishing

Rachel Scheller

Community Manager of the Young Writer's Workshop

What's Inside The Workshop

Bite-Size Lessons 

A weekly dose of inspiration and guidance.

Private Community

Safe place to connect with like-minded writers.

Writing Challenges

Word sprints, write-ins, and fun competitions.

Live Office Hours

Get support directly from your instructors.

Small Groups

Share writing and hold each other accountable.

Author Interviews

Inspiring interviews with published authors.

Editing & Feedback

Get helpful feedback on your writing.


Personalized assessment to track your progress.

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What You Will Learn

YWW is designed to help you pursue your passion, grow in confidence, and connect with other people just like you.

You'll learn how to:

  • Write with passion and purpose, and develop your skills in every aspect of writing life.
  • Gain the confidence, consistency and motivation to stick with projects such as finishing a short story or novel.
  • Engage others to support your craft and share your vision (e.g. by creating a blog, email list, or website).
  • Become more discerning as you learn to evaluate the written word.
  • Give and receive criticism humbly.
  • Understand the business and career side of writing as well as how to earn money with your writing.

What You Will Learn

The Young Writer's Workshop is designed to help you pursue your passion, grow in confidence, and connect with other people just like you.

You'll learn how to:

  • Write with passion and purpose, and develop your skills in every aspect of writing life.
  • Gain the confidence, consistency and motivation to stick with projects such as finishing a short story or novel.
  • Engage others to support your craft and share your vision (e.g. by creating a blog, email list, or website).
  • Become more discerning as you learn to evaluate the written word.
  • Give and receive criticism humbly.
  • Understand the business and career side of writing as well as how to earn money with your writing.

Monthly Courses

Each month, we teach students a new writing skill or habit, providing them with in-depth instruction, opportunities to get their writing questions answered, and rewards for finishing their work.

What a Typical Month Looks Like

Week One: In-Depth Lesson
One of our instructors provides direct instruction on the specific skill or habit we're teaching that month.

Week Two: Expert Interview

We interview an expert in the field about the topic we're covering. Past experts include publisher & literary agent Steve Laube, author Paul Miller, writing consultant Caleb Breakey, and more!

Week Three: Live Training + Q&A

We continue our direct instruction for the month and then spend an hour answering student questions in a live class.

Week Four: Implementation Exercises

We give students practical homework exercises they can do to demonstrate mastery. Every student who does all the work for the month receives a community badge.

Some Past Courses We've Taught

The Content Library

The content library is a wealth of valuable, bite-sized lessons and mini-courses to help young writers along the success path we've developed with 30 years combined experience in the world of writing and publishing.

Becoming an effective writer is far more than just learning how to write. That's why we focus on helping you grow in ten important domains.

The YWW Community

Our community is the heartbeat of YWW, where you'll receive support from your instructors, participate in fun writing challenges and competitions, and connect with other young writers going on the same journey as you.

A Space For Everything Divided into spaces, you'll be able to find information easily and ask questions in the best places such as Blogging, Poetry, Fiction Plot & Structure, and so much more.

Access To Instructors In the "Ask an Instructor" space you can ask questions 24/7 and are guaranteed an answer by at least one instructor — as well as helpful input from more advanced students. 

Safe Learning Environment We have an amazing team of Community Assistants and a Community Manager (as well as thorough guidelines) to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun. 

Word Sprints & Games The Community has regular friendly competitions, challenges, and group writing sessions to help everyone achieve their writing goals and be productive together. 

Fellowships & Groups You'll have the opportunity to join student-led accountability and writing critique groups to improve your writing in a friendly, small-group setting. 

Feedback & Editing We also have a space dedicated to sharing and giving feedback on writing so you can always get the help you’re looking for — whether on a poem or a school paper.

Some of the friendly faces waiting to welcome you to YWW.

Bonus Upgrade: The Academic Track

YWW Academic is designed to build on top of YWW Standard, taking the teaching content from the library and the various things you can do across the community and turning them into a structured curriculum.  

It's perfect for students who would benefit from more structure, accountability, and deadlines to take full advantage of what YWW offers — as well as homeschool students who would like to earn credit for their writing activities.  

You'll get everything in YWW Standard — PLUS an assigned Teaching Assistant, weekly assignments, time sheets to track your writing and more! 

View Academic Program Overview

"I’ve gone from writing a couple hundred words fairly often to writing in the thousands of words daily because of Academic."

Sarah Abegglen

"YWW Academic is by far the best high school writing course I’ve ever taken. The assignments weren’t pointless or boring; I wasn’t forced to write about subjects that didn’t matter to me. Instead, the course felt exciting, and because I had my own TA, it was tailored to me!"

Natalie Davis

There is no better place than The Young Writer's Workshop to help you pursue your writing dreams.

With your membership, you'll get access to:

  • Everything you need to support, learn and improve their writing
  • A safe community full of other young writers going on the same journey  
  • Expert feedback, advice and guidance, as well as peer mentorship and feedback on your work
  •  Opportunities to get published, launch a writing career, and make money with your writing

Here's what parents have to say about The Young Writer's Workshop: 

"Our daughter has grown exponentially because of YWW! Writing now consumes most of her thoughts. She is just weeks away from finishing her first novel at 12 years old!

Jamie Gerow

"My heart is so thankful that YWW has given my daughter hope of writing again." 

Bethe Adam

"YWW teaches more than writing. It teaches healthy mindsets, life patterns and even business approaches. It hands them many of the tools they need wherever they go. I’ve been impressed, but this was far more than I expected."

Verity Sandahl

"It has been positive for my son to interact with other Christian young people who also have a passion for writing. There is a great peace of mind in knowing that my son is being encouraged and developed as a Christian writer while in a safe environment." 

Timothy Benefield

What Does YWW Cost?

Most young writers don't realize how much their parents spend on their activities.  

(And all the parents say... "Amen!!")  

So let's review a few numbers...  

Music lessons? At least $80 per month — probably more.  

Dance classes? At least $60 per month — probably more.  

Sports? Really varies, but easily $70 per month during the season.  

And these costs don't include expenses for instruments, pointe shoes, sports equipment, and gas for driving to lessons/practices.  

The Young Writer's Workshop? Only $47 per month if you register.

(Or only $40 per month if you pay annually.)

That's only a fraction of what you'd pay for other writing programs.

There's no long-term contract and you can cancel anytime in just a few clicks.  

In the meantime, you're making an investment into your future.

Writing is more than just a passion, or a hobby.  

It has the potential to become your career. Authors, freelancers, teachers, editors, journalists — even if you don't choose a 'writing' career, written skills are valuable in ANY job. 

(Sources: College Board and The National Commission on Writing)

In fact, a recent survey of American corporations and government entities found that good writing skills are vital to gaining a job and advancing in one’s place of employment.

(Sources: Stanford University, Pew Research Center, and the NAEP)

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  • Bite-size lessons
  • Vibrant community
  • Author interviews
  • Live office hours
  • Writing challenges


Earn high school credit in creative writing


Course Begins January 29th

  • Everything in Standard
  • Assigned Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • Weekly assignments
  • Quizzes & accountability
  • Regular writing schedule
  • Certificate of completion
  • Designed and run by an English Teacher 
  • 1 Creative Writing Credit (homeschool students)


A college alternative focused on writing craft and career


Contact us for details.

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  • By Application Only
  • High-level training on writing craft and process
  • Regular critique from published authors
  • "Learn-by-doing" business and marketing training
  • Career strategy and exclusive networking

Look at the difference a supportive community and expert guidance has made for other writers.

Is your family facing financial hardship?

We decided from the beginning to offer this program with a "Pay-What-You-Can" policy.

That means that we won't turn anyone away for lack of funds.

If your family is dealing with unexpected medical bills...

If you are missionaries living on support...

If you are a single parent household...

If your parents are facing long-term unemployment...

Or anything similar... we would love to let you participate for a reduced rate, or even for free.

That said, if your family can afford the regular price, we still need to make a living too!  

View Scholarship Options

However, registration closes on Thursday, January 25th.


We want to focus on serving our students rather than marketing the program year-round, so we only open YWW to the public a few times per year.  

That way, everyone joins together and starts together.  

In order to ensure your spot in our program, now is the time to take action and get started. 

Get started risk-free with our 60-Day Guarantee.

Whatever path you end up walking down, writing is a versatile skill which will serve you for the rest of your life. 

And writing is a journey, often difficult and discouraging, that isn't meant to be taken alone.  

The Young Writer's Workshop is here to help, support, and guide you as you pursue your writing dreams.

And if for some reason you are disappointed with your experience, simply contact us for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline?

Registration is closing on Thursday, January 25th at 11:59pm Eastern.

We close registration so we can focus on serving our students rather than on marketing the program.

And just like a college class, everyone joins together and starts together.

What happens after we sign up?

After purchasing YWW, you’ll be sent login details via email. Simply log in to the site to access your orientation and content.

Feel free to dive right in!

Then, after you complete orientation, we'll give you access to the private YWW Community site — and we'll have some fun events and challenges planned to help you make friends and learn how to use the program.

How do we access all the materials?

All YWW content is digital, delivered through a private membership site.

When you log in to the site, you’ll be able to watch lessons, listen to interviews with authors, and keep track of your progress through the content.

If you sign up for our Academic track, you will receive access to extra digital materials and your assigned Teacher's Assistant will reach out to you directly via email. 

Nothing will be mailed to you, which means you get instant access to everything.

What age is YWW best for? 

Our members range in age from 12 to 25 — with the majority being teenagers.

Everything about the program is designed to be age appropriate for our youngest members, while also providing private spaces for older writers to discuss heavier topics and themes in their writing.

If you love to write, this is most likely a perfect fit.

How safe is the community?

As safe as we can make it! The Community is only accessible to current YWW students (and students under 13 require parental permission to join).

We have in-depth guidelines to protect our students and honor parents' responsibility to choose what content they want their children exposed to. 

We also have a Community Manager and a team of Community Assistants who closely monitor the Community to keep it safe and make sure the guidelines are followed.

That said, parents are strongly encouraged to read our guidelines and stay involved with their student's activities on the Community.

Does this program work for homeschooling?

Yes! In fact, we have an entire track designed for homeschool families who want to incorporate YWW into their schooling. 

YWW Academic is designed and run by a high school English Teacher and provides a certificate of completion and 1 high school credit in Creative Writing for homeschooled students.

What if we can't afford this?

If you honestly can't afford this program... we won't turn you away.

Check out our "Pay-What-You-Can" policy for more details.

What about...

Got a question we don't answer here? Shoot us a note.

No one believes in young writers as much as we do.

Our team is made up of bestselling and award-winning Christian authors, high school English teachers, and homeschooling moms.

We understand the unique challenges facing young writers and have decades of experience navigating the complex world of writing and publishing.

We are committed to provide the best writing support you will find anywhere — all in a safe, Christian environment you can feel comfortable with.

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