Don't let money stop you. We won't turn anyone away for lack of funds.

The Young Writer's Workshop is for any young person who wants to improve his/her writing skills, make writing friends, and have a real impact on the world.

That's why we offer a Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

We don't turn anyone away for lack of funds.  

We granted need-based scholarships to dozens of students last year — including many full-ride scholarships.  

Unfortunately, a lot of families who are struggling financially look at the price... and leave.

They don't even notice the Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

So... please pay attention now:  

If your family is dealing with unemployment or underemployment.  

If medical bills or crises have drained your finances.  

If your mom or dad are raising you as a single parent.  

If you are a missionary family living on support.  

If you are unable to afford the workshop for ANY legitimate reason...  

Please take advantage of our Pay-What-You-Can policy.  

If you believe this program will be a blessing to you...  

Don't let money stand in the way.

Let us invest in your writing.

  • The full Young Writer's Workshop program
  • Hundreds of bite-size writing lessons
  • Interviews with authors, agents, and editors
  • Access to "Ask An Instructor" any time
  • LIVE Office Hours every month
  • Library of In-Depth Mini-Courses
  • Access to the YWW Community
  • Regular writing challenges and swaps
  • Critique and Accountability Groups
  • Access to the Young Writer Success Path
  • Access to the WriterScore+ Assessment
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

PRICE: Whatever Your Family Can Afford

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Try The Program Risk Free With Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Join Today And Spend 60 Days Inside The Workshop
  • Meaningfully Engage With Everything The Workshop Offers
  • Get A 100% Refund If You Aren't Happy With Your Experience

We only ask that you meaningfully engage with both the teaching content and community before requesting a refund. We can't give refunds to people who don't give us a fair chance.

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