Write More in One Week Than You Ever Have Before.

In January 2025, we're hosting a FREE interactive challenge for Christian writers in their teens and early twenties. Sign up for the waitlist to win prizes and start writing again!

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Do you wish you had more of your story written?

The blank page can feel intimidating.

And getting more words out can feel like pulling teeth.

But we've discovered how to help writers get more words on the page.

It's called Crazy Writing Week.

We've run this annual group challenge for five years.

And each year? The average participant writes 4,000 words in one week.

These weren't all super disciplined writers before the week.

They were normal high school and college aged students...just like you.

But suddenly, they have the support they needed.

And they start making serious progress:

Here's How This Works:

Claim Your Spot

Register for this event with your name and email address only. This is 100% free.

Join Your Team

We'll group you with other writers who compete as a team to see how much you can collectively write.

Compete for Prizes

Earn prizes that will help you grow as a writer. The more everyone writes, the more prizes you get.

Get The Guidance You Need To Grow...

Your instructors, Brett Harris (bestselling author of Do Hard Things), Kara Swanson (Christy-award-winning author of Dust & Shadow) and many other experienced writers are here to help guide you along the way.

This is your chance to grow as a writer, connect with a cohort of other young writers on the same journey as you, and have a ton of fun at the same time.

The challenge starts January 2025. Join the waitlist to win prizes and start writing again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Really Help Me Write More?

Last year, 1,500+ students wrote an average of 4,000 words per person over the course of the week! So we think the results and testimonials on this page speak for themselves.

Who Can Participate?

Any writer between the ages of 13 & 25 is welcome to join us.

Where Do I Write?

You can write on paper, on a computer, on a phone, or anywhere else! We'll just ask you to tell us how many words you write if you want to earn points for your team.

Do I Have to Write At a Specific Time Each Day?

Nope! You can write whenever you like. But you do have to clock in and out on our website. We call it "sprinting" and we'll teach you how it works.

How Do I Report My Writing to You?

Once you join, we'll give you more details on how you can report how many words you write each day.

Jump into your writing in 2025!

QUESTIONS? [email protected]