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Craft an amazing story idea with training from Christian authors like S.D. Smith, Chuck Black, and Kara Swanson!

This free weeklong event is designed to help storytellers in their teens and early twenties craft a story idea they're excited to write, whether they're a beginning or experienced writer.


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Finding a Good Story Idea Can Be HARD.

A new story idea is always exciting! But often, once you start writing, the story falls apart:

  • Maybe you have a hard time getting past the first 3 chapters.
  • Maybe you discover a big problem halfway through.
  • Or maybe it just isn't as good as you thought it would be.

Whatever the case, we’re here to help you craft a fantastic story idea for your next novella, novel, or even short story.

At the end of this seven-day challenge, you’ll emerge with a fantastic, vetted story concept you can start writing immediately.

How It Works

During each day, you'll follow these three steps:

1. Study A Story Ingredient

Watch 10-minute training videos featuring authors like S.D. Smith, Chuck Black, and Kara Swanson.

2. Apply It To Your Story Idea

We'll give you step-by-step worksheets so you can apply what you learned to your story.

3. Give & Receive Feedback

Connect with other participants in our moderated community to help each other with your concepts.

Emerge with a brand new story concept you can't wait to write.

(Plus, the more students complete each step, the more prizes we'll give out!)

Who You'll Be Learning From

We've assembled a team of storytelling experts!


Author of The Green Ember


Author of the Kingdom Series


Author of Heirs of Neverland


Author of Do Hard Things


Author of 80+ Novels


Program Director of YWW

And our moderation team maintains our safe & welcoming community:



Boost Your Motivation With A Strong Story Idea!

What difference could a strong story idea make? that was already vetted and approved by potential readers? that you had actual training to learn how to craft? that was
less likely to fall apart halfway through?

You don't need to just imagine what it would be like. We want to help you do that right now in our seven-day challenge.

Are you ready to get the training, step-by-step plans, and supportive community you need to craft that next amazing story idea?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?

Any writer between the ages of 13 & 25 is welcome to join us.

Do I Have to Join At a Specific Time Each Day?

Nope! You can go through our trainings and work on your story idea whenever you like each day of the challenge.

How Much Time Will This Challenge Take?

Most students will need 30-45 minutes each day to complete all the activities, but students can join even if they can't do everything.

You Mentioned Prizes...Tell Me More!

Prizes are earned across the community as a whole. The more everyone works on their stories, the more prizes everyone gets at the end of the week!

You could earn a special training with your instructors or even force us to create a wacky Veggie Tales parody video for you!

(We really hope you don't win the Veggie Tales prize...)